I am an artist in a painting, writing, and community-based music practice. 

Artist Statement

What is the semi-conscious in both humans and screensavers? That juicy space where both nothing and everything seems to happen. Total rest yet complete catch up for a subjective-objective-contemplative.

In Sanskrit it maybe called yoga nidra and in Dutch this concept is something like niksen

What is atmosphere and the translations of hot, cold, wet, and dry within this? I look for these spaces in my paintings and music.

Oil Painting

What is the dreamy and ghost-like world between the physical and the digital and what happens between these spaces?

With materials like oil paint, glass paint, vinyl transparency gels, and wax, I am exploring the gossamer-like in both idea and aesthetic. I am concerned with surfaces that explore texture, color, and form through a ground exploration of gesso, oil ground, clay-board, chalkboard paint, ink, wood panel, canvas, and more. 

My process is built upon search and mapping. Through either driving, walking, or image and object search exploration, I take on the space of lostness, wandering, and seeking to find visual moments that provide some structure for grounding. I draw a lot from observation and my ideas and techniques are most heavily borrowed from landscape painters. I am mostly intrigued by weather and it’s forces, shifts, and influences.

The study of our natural environment and the study of digital environments effecting bodies becomes paramount here. And through this I explore what can be a blurry, atmospheric, weather-like, gossamer-like understanding between the physical and digital, interior and exterior—both the earth’s environmental body as well as our digital bodies. Before attending grad school I was a copywriter for close to 10 years and still continue to work in these spaces. The concerns in my practice stem from a concern for the increased standardization of digital interfaces and the longer-term consequences to our corporeal and cerebral movements. 

In essence, by imagining an internet that feels more like nature (organic, textured, exploratory) can we try and slow ourselves down, perhaps even rest on these planes designed to keep speeding past themselves?


Currently working on a manuscript on spirituality and technology with a working title of Breath, Space, and Time. I am attempting to do this through the study of the spiritual, technological, art historical, natural by comparing German philosophy to Vedic philosophy. My former department chair from Art Center College of Design is guiding me through the process.

Music Practice

I have a dedicated improvisational acoustic piano and keyboard practice that explores musical modes via color sensibilities and other entry points. My painting and music practice are very closely related and influence each other. Most specifically through exploration of (modal / palette) tonality and rhythm.

PTA (Peace Through ACCSS)

Peace Through Arts, Culture, Color, Sound, & Smell is a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the state of California established in 2019 to promote education and literacy around historical and global ideas of embodied relaxation and shared dignity.

Projects include:

  • Weekly soundscape podcasts
  • Alt e-zine Tomato Babies
    • Generative online zine that covers six topics from global contributors: Alt-Health, Alt-Economics, Plant Carousel, Art Essay, Soundscape, Drawing/Comic
  • Performances and workshops focused on color, sound, and smell
  • Homeless reading workshops / discussion groups 

All donations are tax deductible and support performers, site builds and maintenance, workshops, and equipment. Painting or drawing gift upon donation is available.


I do oil paintings on commission based on one’s favorite landscape, mineral, or chair.

The conversation begins with favorite places, spaces, memories, and colors. After deciding a size, you will receive a painting in 2-6 months. I have done commissions for the home, for the office, as gifts, and for barter.

Swiss Hawaii, oil paint on canvas, 30″x30″ 2020
SwissHawaii, oil on canvas, 30″x30″ 2020